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We are Transforming 
Payments in Africa

We make it easy to accept
online payments

Let DigiCash accelerate your transition into the digital space. We provide tools to make it easy for you to collect online payments, regardless of your technical experience.

Super Charge your

Let DigiCash super charge your sales and watch your profits skyrocket!


We provide multiple solutions to connect with our payment system so that you can start selling online today.

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Multiple options to get you started

Payment Links

Managing customer orders and related payments is easy with Payment Links.

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Hosted Checkout

Offer a seamless checkout experience for your customers on your applications.

Quick and secure!

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Simplified checkout with DigiCash 
Push Payments

Experience a smooth payment system for your business.

Your customers can instantly make payments through the DigiCash Push Payments. Send a payment request to your customer via their phone number. Customers authorize the request to finalize the transaction. Simple!


Handling payments should not be difficult. Experience a fast and flexible payment system.

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Integrate with DigiCash
Payments Gateway

Facilitate a fast transaction flow by accepting mobile and other online payments with the DigiCash secure gateway system.

Our gateway system uses bank-level security protocols; PCI and an encrypted secure SSL channel.
Integrate with your system for the long term success of your business.


Transparentaffordable pricing

Fair and Transparent pricing, no hidden fees!

DigiCash offers value for money. Simple and upfront pricing to empower your digital journey. 


Save on payment fees. Pay only 3% per transaction.

We only get paid when you do.

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