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Frequently asked Questions

  • What documents do I need to have before I can accept payments?
    Before you can start accepting payments, we require a few documents to verify that you are legally verified business. Depending on how your registered your business, the required documents will change. These can include: 1. Business License 2. Certificate of Registration 3. VAT Certificate of Registration 4. TIN Certificate of Registration Only digital documents are required. Get a clear/easily to read photo of your document and upload it through your Merchant Dashboard account.
  • How do I get started?
    It's easy to get started with DigiCash. 1. Register free with DigiCash. We will need some details about your business. 2. Verify your registration. 3. Login to the Merchant Dashboard to start your path to collecting payments online. However, we are in beta testing currently. Subscribe to our mailing list and we will notify you when we are ready!
  • How much are the transaction fees and how does it work?
    Transaction fees are 3% only! Once a transaction is processed, 3% will be deduced from the amount deposited into your account. No additional fees will be charged.
  • Can I use DigiCash to start accepting payments from my website or Instagram page?
    Yes! Absolutely! We provide multiple solutions to help you collect mobile money payments directly from your website or social media page. Head over to the Payments and explore our solutions to fit your needs. Don't hesistate to contact us if you have further questions.
  • Will my customers have to pay any additional fees?
    Your customers will only pay the charges issued by mobile networks for making a payment. The mobile network fees for your customers vary depending on the amount being paid. DigiCash does not collect any additional fees apart from the 2% charged to you.
  • Do you support mobile money payments?
    Yes, absolutely. With DigiCash, your customers can use their mobile money wallets to make payments online or in-store. DigiCash currently supports M-Pesa, TigoPesa, AirtelMoney and Halopesa

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