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Fast and Secure
Digital Payments with ease

Have time for what truly matters


Empowering All Businesses

DigiCash aims to enhance customers lifestyle by facilitating e-payment solutions and making them accessible to all business.

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You Deserve Excellence

Every African deserves access to affordable and enabling financial services. Explore seamless and quick

payment options.


Is to become the leading provider of superior and innovative customer-centric e-commerce solutions in Africa.

Simplified checkout with DigiCash 
Push Payments

Confectionery Shop Owner

Your customers can instantly make payments through the DigiCash Push Payments. Send a payment request to your customer via their phone number. Customers authorize the request to finalize the transaction. Simple!


Handling payments should not be difficult. Experience a fast and flexible payment system.

Experience a smooth payment system for your business.

Sell your products with DigiCash Payment Links

Manage your orders and corresponding payments easily. No more headaches!

Simply create a payment link and share it with your customer via text, messenger or email to make receive payments from anywhere. 

With a seamless checkout process, your customer can now finalize transactions smoothly without complexities!

Software Programmer

Integrate your applications with our Payments Gateway

Enrich your products and services today by providing online payment options for your customers. Choose the level of integration you need and get started now!

Explore integration options to match your technical resources

Hassle-free checkout integration with DigiCash Hosted Checkout

Make payments hassle-free for your customers with an easy checkout process directly on your application!


Customize your page to include elements that support your business and help you better serve your customers.


Integrate with DigiCash
Payments Gateway

Facilitate a fast transaction flow by accepting mobile and other online payments with the DigiCash secure gateway system.

Our gateway system uses bank-level security protocols; PCI and an encrypted secure SSL channel.
Integrate with your system for the long term success of your business.

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