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One platform to accept payments and disburse money digitally 

Digicash makes it easy for physical and online businesses to receive, and send money digitally to their customers.

Get paid

One place for all your digital money transactions

One platform to accept payments from all wallets

View all payment transactions from all wallets in one place

Settle transactions from all wallets to a single account

Customer book created automatically

Access your dashboard from your mobile or desktop

Disburse money

Start selling online. It's easy!

Step 1:

Create your product catalogue in a few clicks.

Step 2:

Create a payment link and share it on your business social media.

Step 3:

Your customers access your online store, select their items and pay with Mobile Money or payment card (coming soon).

Step 4:

Receive a notification for each payment and receive your money at the end of the day, everyday.

Steps Gif.gif
Sell online

Fast payments in your physical store

Push finnalle.gif

Accept payment from the 4 major wallets

Receive your money the same day

Send payment requests to customers from your mobile

Multi users support for all your staff

Automatically store customers contact

Say goodbye to slow payment and long queues in your store,

restaurant, health practice etc.

Physical store

Simple API for Developers

Monetize your digital product

Clear API documentations and postman collections

Dashboard to visualise transactions

Stable and secure

Technical support team 24/7

Digital Product

Expand your payment gateway operations to Tanzania

Allow your business customers to accept payment and send money digitally

Mobile payments and disbursement for the 4 major wallets

Commercial flexibility:
Bill your business customers or their end customers

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Payment gateway
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